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Frequently asked questions about senior living communities in Marysville, WA

Q: What is a CCRC (also known as Life Care community)?

  • Cascade Village is a CCRC with a Life Care Contract, which will provide residents with a predictable monthly fee in healthcare if and when you need it. Not only will you have preferred access to assisted living, memory care or long-term skilled nursing care, when you need it, you’ll receive care, all for one flat monthly fee, which is in line with what you pay in Independent Living!
  • A CCRC delivers independent living and an amenity-rich lifestyle with guaranteed access to higher-level care as your health care needs progress. This continuum of care ensures residents have the stability of remaining in the place they call home.

Q. Why move to a CCRC?
The decision to move to a CCRC requires a great deal of consideration. Here are the major benefits of a CCRC:

  • It offers independent living with various residential options. Our community will offer 1 & 2 BR apartments, 2 BR villas and 3 BR penthouses.
  • It ensures access to advanced healthcare support, such as assisted living, memory care, long-term care (nursing home), and short-term skilled rehab.
  • It increases social engagement and expands your social network with a wide range of activities and amenities.
  • It creates a maintenance-free lifestyle, as cooking, cleaning, house, and yard work are provided. Our community will also have an indoor pool/hot tub, pickleball court, theater room, fitness room, outdoor fire pits, outdoor bbq area, dog run and beautifully landscaped grounds with plenty of walking paths.
  • It offers potential tax benefits.
  • It provides peace of mind and security for the residents and their caregivers. You are guaranteed care in assisted living or the other levels of care when you need it. And you will never be asked to leave should you run out of money.

Q. What are the levels of care at a CCRC?
Our residents have guaranteed unlimited access to our full continuum of healthcare services, including assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and short-term rehabilitation.

Independent living: You want to move into a CCRC while you are still independent. Active, healthy older adults enjoy the CCRC amenities and maintenance-free benefits, all while living unassisted in their choice of residence.

Assisted living: If a senior’s level of care needs increase, assisted living provides 24/7 access to medical and custodial care. While residents are encouraged to be as independent as possible, staff members are available to help with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, or medication management. Assisted living is provided in private apartment-style accommodations.

Memory care: Seniors struggling with memory loss due to dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or other cognitive impairments can transition to the CCRC’s memory care facility. Specially trained staff provide personalized care with a focus on keeping residents comfortable, engaged, and safe.

Long-term skilled nursing: As your healthcare needs progress, living in an assisted living apartment may no longer be feasible. Living in the long-term skilled nursing (what many think of as the “nursing home” provides you 24/7 care, with all of your needs met.

Short-term skilled nursing care: Similar to assisted living, short-term skilled nursing care includes 24/7 medical and custodial care. However, short-term skilled nursing focuses on short-term care and rehabilitation. For example, residents needing post-surgery wound care, physical or speech therapy after a stroke, or intravenous medication administration would reside in the CCRC’s skilled nursing care unit. Residents return to their independent or assisted living apartment after a short-term stay.

Q. How much does a CCRC cost?

  • CCRCs are entrance fee communities.
  • The entrance fees guarantee housing and medical care. In comparison, older adults choosing to age in place in their current homes may face unexpected and exorbitant healthcare costs. CCRCs provide peace of mind that aging in place at home does not.
  • Cascade Village at Smokey Point entrance fees start at $253,000 for a 1 BR apartment and increase, based on the size of the apartment and the number of total occupants (maximum of 2 per apartment).

Q. Why do CCRCs charge an entrance fee?

Moving into a CCRC is an investment in your future. The entrance fee is a contractual upfront cost (like a down payment on a home). An entrance fee guarantees housing and medical services throughout your lifetime.


Q. What does my entrance fee “buy me?” Why don’t I own the unit?

  • These are rentals – you do not own your unit.
  • What you are “buying” is the guaranteed access to care as you age, and at a considerably lower price than market rate. This is similar to, but much more robust than, a long-term health insurance plan.
  • You are also “buying” piece of mind, knowing you will be cared for, and you will never be asked to leave should you run out of funds.
  • Many residents sell their existing homes to finance the entrance and monthly fees associated with a CCRC.

Q. Why do CCRCs charge a monthly fee as well?

  • The entrance fee, as noted above, is the upfront cost that guarantees your care, for as long as you need it.
  • The monthly fee covers your “rent” and all the amenities while you live at Cascade Village at Smokey Point. Our monthly fee includes:
    • Life Care Benefit/Continuum of Care — access to all the future healthcare you need as outlined above in “The levels of a continuing care retirement community.” Guaranteed. And at a rate that is significantly lower than market rate.
    • Weekly housekeeping, including changing of bed linens.
    • Full gourmet kitchen and washer/dryer in apartment.
    • All Utilities including heat & A/C, which you control in your apartment.
    • Private, 1-car garage.
    • 24-hour security, gated community, and emergency alert system.
    • Interior and exterior maintenance.
    • Property Taxes.
    • Concierge Services.
    • Group & point to point transportation services.
    • Fitness center with instructors and classes
    • Heated Pool & Spa.
    • Life Enriching Activities, Social Events, & Education.
    • Flexible meal plan where you can eat in the restaurant, bistro or bar.
    • And much more…